Top 5 Inflatable Spa Accessories You should buy

Top 5 Inflatable Spa Accessories You should buy

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After buying one of the fancy inflatable spas available at, you still have to consider some of the helpful accessories you will need. Generally, inflatable hot tubs have some extra purchases to make, and buying online may save you the stress of searching for other items. When you buy from a reliable online store, you should suggest directing you to the other things you can also get for a complete experience. 

Top 5 Inflatable Spa Accessories You should buy

Why bother? For one, you will save yourself a lot of stress if you purchase these other items online alongside your leading inflatable spa. The cost of buying these items at different times or from other stores may be relatively higher. In addition, getting these items handy will reduce the maintenance cost of the hot tub hugely. So, instead of waiting for an opportunity to buy later, you can take advantage of a particular purchase offer from the store and get what you need.

Impotent Items for your Inflatable Spa

Mineral Stick Replacements

The most common type is the Nature2 Mineral stick you will need once every four months of using the inflatable spas. The mineral stick contains a mixture of copper and silver that can combine to act as an anti-bacterial or anti-algae formation in the water. In other words, having these mineral sticks in place enables you to keep your water free of such germs and sage for use for a long time. At the same time, with these mineral sticks, you don’t need sanitizers. Click here to learn more about inflatable spas and hot tubs.

The position of your mineral sticks is inside your hot tub filter. Whereas they don’t require the use of a floater or an inline canister to function effectively. Just position these sticks inside your filter in the proper way and leave it there for four whole months. Do all the other procedures to check the chemical balance of the water. At least verify that your mineral stick is working. At the end of the day, you will discover that you actually need little or no sanitizer to keep your spa.

Bromine Tablets for Inflatable Spas

One of the easiest ways to use bromine if you need it is to buy it as tablets. However, bromine tablets are relatively more expensive to purchase than chlorine, an alternative oxidizing agent. However, one reason people prefer to use bromine to chlorine is that bromine is more user-friendly and tends to remain active over a wide range of pH than chlorine. Consequently, the price of bromine goes higher than that of chlorine since the demand is higher, perhaps. 

As a result, the next thing is to look for the cheapest bromines products at a lower cost. That will be the high-quality compressed bromine tablets that can serve the user up to three times more than low-quality alternatives. This item is one of the easiest ways to buy this accessory at an excellent price and save the stress, cost, and purchase of regular bromine water. 

Replacement Filters for Inflatable Spas

The filters constitute one of the most essential items in any inflatable spa and demand careful use. Also, you may have to replace it as often as possible, usually at regular intervals. Since you will need to get lots of it, many open stores sell them in multiple packs. But more importantly, you should plan to buy lots of them from the beginning of getting new inflatable spas. Otherwise, if you have to get them from a local store, you may have to pay much more than usual.

An average filter may last for as long as a year, depending on the inflatable spa’s type, model, and size. But, again, there are many reasons why a filter can fail earlier than usual or demand replacement. Apart from buying filters directly from your major retail store along with your spa, you should also get more than one set of filters. At least there should be a spare filter on standby for the day the one in use gets too dirty, and you need a new one. 

To recycle your dirty spa for subsequent use, soak it in a non-foaming, no phosphate detergent in hot water. Then, rinse it well before drying it up for another ruse. You should typically plan to replace your filters between a week and a month, depending on how much you use the spa. And when you discover that the water of your spa has become cloudy, change the filters.

Inflatable Spas Test Strips

We have discussed some of the necessary conditions that determine the chemical state of the water. One indispensable tool to achieve that is the spa water test strips. This item makes the list of any of the 10 most essential things in pool or spa maintenance. The reason is apparent: the chemical content of the water is something you cannot afford to joke with, and you can’t go to the lab every time. So, a more straightforward way to quickly determine how chemically safe your water is to use the test strips. 

Even a small volume of water has its own chemical properties and therefore needs care. More importantly, the more you use the spa, the higher the tendency that its chemical composition cannot remain the same. More so, a poorly managed spa can easily brood bacteria whenever the water chemistry is imbalanced. And you also need this test strip to determine the amount of sanitizer to put inside the spa water with other necessary steps to primary it. 

Oil-absorbing Sponges for your Inflatable Spas

Another item of immense benefit is the sponges that can absorb oil from the water. Some of the most notable sources of oils include your skin during and after baths, sweats, cosmetics, lotions, and other synthetic oils that find their way to the spa. These particular oil-absorbing sponges can do a great job in hot tubs, as you have in inflatable spas. When you continue to use inflatable spas, the number of dissolved oils in the water increases.

Top 5 Inflatable Spa Accessories You should buy

These sponges can help remove whatever oil has accrued over time. All you have to do is allow the sponge to float on the water inside the spa, absorbing all the oils. We recommend the particular type of sponge is the Scumbug, which can last between 6 months and one year, protecting your spa. After a while, you can occasionally remove the sponge, squeeze it out and clean it in a phosphate-free soap and hot water.