A Step-by-Step Guide to Set up Inflatable Spas Indoors

A Step-by-Step Guide to Set up Inflatable Spas Indoors

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One of the most fascinating benefits of inflatable spas is that it allows you to relax at home without building a permanent spa as an extra structure. Unlike the cement spa or old ceramic hot tub, you can practically erect a befitting inflatable hot tub almost anywhere you wish in your house. Whether you choose to place it outdoors where you can add a different view of the environment or decide to put it inside the house, you will have fun both ways.

If you like, you may decide to place your hot tub in the basement, in the garden, or behind your apartment. Even if it is your first time arranging inflatable spas, you can still use this article to guide the steps to follow and precautions to take. However, before we begin to discuss what it takes to set it up, we will consider other essentials like the factors to consider before set up. Also, perhaps you are still wondering if it is safe to set up an inflatable spa indoors; your answer is a big ‘yes. 

Initial factors to consider before setting up inflatable spas indoors

Flooring and Water 

If you plan to set up inflatable spas outside of the house, that is not a problem. But it is different when you set them up indoors. For instance, the first item you should consider is the flooring you have in the house. Does it permit that water to be dropped anytime you step out of the spa? Know for sure that you cannot avoid that altogether. Such may not be an issue for outdoor inflatable spas in the house’s garden or rear side. 

If the house floor is made of carpet or wood, it is essential to consider because water can spoil it. Otherwise, tiled floors may simply require constant mopping to prevent anyone from slipping off the floor tiles. The same condition may apply to concrete floors that may also become slippery when water drops there. A quick fix is to place towels on the floor to instantly absorb the water that drips from people stepping out of the spa. Click here to read useful tips for Inflatable spas.


Using hot tubs indoors may also contribute a great deal to the heat in the house due to steam emission. A temperature of 400C is enough to cause dampness in the room as if you are having a steam bath in the bathroom. Therefore, before you set up your inflatable spa in the room, ensure the room is well-ventilated to allow more effective air exchange. You should also keep all doors and windows open while using the hot tub.

Weight of the Inflatable Spa itself

Needless to wonder what the effect of the weight of the tub is when fully set up. It may be pretty light while deflated, but it can be cumbersome when you fill it with water. The essence of weight is to consider the floor’s strength to bear the importance of the indoor spa. Since we have settled these factors, let’s now proceed to look at the steps to follow

Follow these 8 steps to install the inflatable hot tub

Choose a location in the house

The first practical step is finding the right spot where you want to place your spa. Whether indoor or outdoor, you must have a place that has a connection to a water source and power outlet. Find a spot indoor where the wet ground cannot be an issue and with enough cross-ventilation. Finally, clear the place and make room for the spa by removing every sharp object or anything damaging it.

Read the manual carefully

It should be a culture of any user to always digest the contents of the owner’s manual by the manufacturer. Trying to set it up without an adequate understanding of the manufacturer’s idea can lead to a disaster. More importantly, this device is an electrical one and requires you to follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer. Also, pay attention to all the details that are inside the manual. 

Assemble the components

According to the manual, begin to unpack the items in the box and couple them together. Fasten all the necessary parts into their rightful places and particularly the valve safely to the liner.

Start the pump to inflate it

Plugin the pump, connect the hose to both the tub and the pump, then switch on the pump to start the inflation of the hot tub. Depending on the spa, inflate each session separately to the degree that you desire within the acceptable level. 

Connect the filter

The filter of the pump is a crucial element you must not forget to put in place. Locate the outlet valve and the fuse, place them in the water filter, and wrench the sheath. Usually, you will find the location towards the bottom of the tub interior parts.

Fill the tub with water

After checking that every component is rightful, connect the tub to the water outlet and start pumping in water. You can use a garden hose if accessible. But in any case, it has no specific way to fill it except in some tub models containing a fill dash on their inner walls. 

Heat it up

When your water level has reached the desired point, prepare to heat it up to your desired temperature. Now, locate the heat knob on the pump and press it to start the healing process. Of course, you must have connected your machine to the power source. Also, you are free to adjust the water as you like to your most preferred temperature. Meanwhile, the maximum level that the water can reach is about 1040, which is the safest point by industry standards. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Set up Inflatable Spas Indoors

Sanitize the water with chemicals

It is essential that before you even start to use the water at all, you should sanitize it with the right chemicals. Sanitization helps to keep the pH balance and disinfect it against bacteria and germs. Meanwhile, note that the most critical part of your maintenance process is to ensure that the spa is always sanitized for use. The points above already clearly outline how you can erect your inflatable spa and keep it safe. Another article provides information on how to maintain your inflatable spas (read here).